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Powder coating

Worried if your finished steel fabrication product will look as good as you envisioned it? Don't let that thought weigh you down. When you choose our skilled technicians at

Eagle Cap Industries, LLC, there's no room for disappointments. With over 40 years of stellar work experience, we're here to help your visions unfold.


Powder coat is one of the final step used to protect and preserve your finished product. This makes your metal product durable and aesthetically appealing with a wide variety of options. To protect your metal further, we can galvanize your product for rust resistance. This procedure involves dipping your metal in a bath system, which coats its inside and outside. If you're curious enough to learn more, call us at

503-662-3594. We even have FREE estimates available.

Protecting and Preserving Your Metal Efficiently

Robust metal finishes performed skillfully

  • Grinding down all burrs and debris

  • Fine finishing

  • Buffing

  • Powder coating

  • Galvanizing

Sealing the Deal with Spectacular Finishing Touches

Galvanizing Finishes